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Slitting air knife utilizes an integral design, has good rigidity and strength, quick position and stable slitting performance. Air slitting knives are used for roll materials processing such as slitting, edge trimming, wire drawing, indentation, etc. Approximately classified into two categories as below:

1)Crush slitting air knife: also called score slitting knife, generally used in slitting machines to crush the passing material between the knife and the hardened roll into two separate pieces. It is easy to install and cost saving. Through changing the special blades, it can realize various slitting effects such as serrated and laced shape, dotted line, non-through cutting for multi-layer materials, narrow width slitting. Crush air knives are widely used for continuous slitting applications including papers, plastic films, cloth & fabrics, foams, rubbers, etc.

2)Shear slitting air knife: In a rotary slitter system, the upper and bottom blades spin in opposite directions allowing a sheet of material to pass through the blades, and separate material into two pieces by shearing action. Generally shear air knives have properties of automatic stroke and side contact between top and bottom knife via air pressure, shear slitting system has advantages of smooth slit edge, high speed, less cutting dust and lower blade loss. Proper for papers, plastic films, metal films, cloth & fabrics, etc.

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