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Industrial slitting blades are the key parts of slitting machines. The quality of the blades will directly affect the final slitting effect of materials. Bad blaes may cause a number of problems such as rough edges on coil materials, short service life, high reject rate, etc. Slitter blades are generally divided into two categories: straight slitting blades and round cutting blades.

1) Straight slitting blades are widely used in cutting process for various types of plastic film materials.

2) Round cutting blades are suitable for various cutting applications for papers, aluminum foils, thick sheet materials, rubber, etc.

We offer a broad range of quality slitting blades for various materials such as plastic film, paper, aluminum foil, chemical fiber, glass fiber, food and others.

1) Sharp cutting blades have low friction coefficient, lead to clean cutting or sliting edges.

2) Quality slitting blades have properties of low wear and low reject rate, greatly improve the slitting efficiency.

3) Cutting blades require special treatment in no matter material quality or manufacturing processes, provide high heat resistance and high durability.

4) We provide a broad range of blade materials such as carbon steels, stainless steels, high speed steels, tool steels, ceramic, tungsten carbide and other coating materials to match your specific cutting applications.

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