Ultrasonic Cleaning for Ceramic Disc Filters

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Ceramic Disc Filters

Ceramic disc filter is a kind of effective energy saving equipment which is designed to separate liquids from solids, broadly used in mineral processing technology. Ceramic filter plate is the key part of ceramic disc filter, composite porous ceramic is used as a new filter material, the fouling of the filter plate must be cleaned timely to maximize the production efficiency of ceramic filters. Ultrasonic cleaning box has incomparable cleaning effect which cannot be reached by other cleaning methods no matter common cleaning equipment or solvent. Ultrasonic cleaning and pickling compose the uniting cleaning system and fully ensure the patency of ceramic filter plates and high efficiency of filtration.

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Ultrasonic Dispersion in Graphene Production

Ultrasonic Graphene Dispersion

Graphene is also known as king of new materials or black gold, is a thinnest and hardest new nanomaterial with most conductive and thermal conductivity found so far. With the development of modern science and industrial technology, the requirement to graphene production is also higher and higher. Graphene can be prepared by ultrasonic dispersion at lower cost and in large quantities, and further to realize broad commercialized applications such as photo-sensitive components, new energy, sensors, paint and coatings, electrodes, batteries, transistors, flexible displays, solar energy, ultra-light materials, composite materials, sea water desalination, etc.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Proccess for Optical Lense

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Optical Lense

With the development of lens coating technology and increasing demands of optical lenses, the cleaning work for glass lenses becomes more and more important. Cleaning objects include polishing slurry, binder, protective materials and oil, glass powder after grinding. Sometimes, after many times of strict cleaning processes, optical lenses will get dirty again due to hand print, dust, saliva in the following steps such as processing or transportation, directly affects the quality of the next coating procedure. Generally, it's easier to accomplish the cleaning work via ultrasonic method. However, good knowledge of complete ultrasonic cleaning processes including dewatering and drying after cleaning system, is more critical for high-precision requirements on lense coating.

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Overview of Medical Ultrasonic Cleaners

Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleanliness of medical instruments is the prerequisite of sterilization, and choose the proper cleaning method is very important. Organics attached to the medical apparatus are difficult to be cleaned thoroughly, and gradually form a layer of biofilm by bacteria which will prevent sterilizing substance from penetration. On the other hand, some of organics may corrode the coating on surface of instruments.

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What is The Piezoelectric Effect

Piezoelectric Effect

When some crystals are deformed by the application of an external stress, their crystalline structure is such that charge separation between the positive and negative ions establishes an polarization phenomeno, and the equal electrical charges appear across its two opposite faces. When the force is removed, it will return to the uncharged state. This phenomenon is called piezoelectric effect, also referred to direct piezoelectric effect. In addition, the polarity of the charge also changes along with the direction of the force, the amount of charge is proportional to the applied force value.

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Applications of Silicone Roller Coverings

Silicone Roller Covering

Anti-adhesion tape is coated with embossed silicone rubber whcih can effectively prevent build-up of adhesive, ink or other deposit on web transport rollers. It has corresponding thicknessm, and the whole material has excellent anti-slip or anti-adherent performance, that means even if the surface is damaged by friction, the rest of silicone material can also work well. The silicon tapes are coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back of the fabric, easy use for covering rolls in various web processing.

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How to Choose Your Best Slitter Blades

Slitter Blade

The choice of slitter blades is the result of company values, using imported blades or China-made blades, tungsten carbide blades or ordinary carbon steel blades, directly reflect the manufacturer's understanding of cutting quality, cost control and performance price ratio. At Present, slitter blades made of high speed steels have been universal in europe market, and the carbide blades also cover a considerable market share.

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