Basis of Ultrasonic Position Meters

Ultrasonic Position Meters

What's ultrasonic position meters? We refer to "positon" that is the surface position of liquid medium and solid material in the tank or equipment. Ultrasonic level meters can be devided into two major categories i.e. liquid level measurement and material level measurement: 1, Liquid level means the surface level of liquid medium. 2, Material level means the pile height of various solid materials in the form of block, particles or powder. So that ultrasonic position meter is the general term for ultrasonic liquid-level meter and ultrasonic solid-level meter.

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How to Buy a Tension Measuring Sensor

Tension Measuring Sensor

Tension measuring sensor is a major part of tension control system, there are many kinds of tension sensors in the market, common ones include plate spring micro-displacement sensors, piezomagnetic sensors, resistance strain sensors, and there are huge variations in principle and structure. When the tension measuring sensor is determined, The matching measuring methods and equipment can also be determined. So the success or failure of measuring result largely depends on the selection of tension sensor. How to buy an appropriate tension measuring sensor? The following things are included:

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Parameter Explanation of Weight Sensors

Weight Sensors

Weight sensor is a device which can transform the gravity in a certain ratio into measurable output signal. According to the transformation methods, weighing sensors can be divided into many types such as photoelectric, hydraulic, electromagnetic force, capacitive, vibration, gyroscope, resistance stain, etc, and resistance stain type sensors are most widely used. This paper briefly introduces the basic technical parameters of the weight sensors.

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