Ultrasonic Cleaning for Ceramic Disc Filters

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Ceramic Disc Filters

Ceramic disc filter is a kind of effective energy saving equipment which is designed to separate liquids from solids, broadly used in mineral processing technology. Ceramic filter plate is the key part of ceramic disc filter, composite porous ceramic is used as a new filter material, the fouling of the filter plate must be cleaned timely to maximize the production efficiency of ceramic filters. Ultrasonic cleaning box has incomparable cleaning effect which cannot be reached by other cleaning methods no matter common cleaning equipment or solvent. Ultrasonic cleaning and pickling compose the uniting cleaning system and fully ensure the patency of ceramic filter plates and high efficiency of filtration.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Proccess for Optical Lense

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Optical Lense

With the development of lens coating technology and increasing demands of optical lenses, the cleaning work for glass lenses becomes more and more important. Cleaning objects include polishing slurry, binder, protective materials and oil, glass powder after grinding. Sometimes, after many times of strict cleaning processes, optical lenses will get dirty again due to hand print, dust, saliva in the following steps such as processing or transportation, directly affects the quality of the next coating procedure. Generally, it's easier to accomplish the cleaning work via ultrasonic method. However, good knowledge of complete ultrasonic cleaning processes including dewatering and drying after cleaning system, is more critical for high-precision requirements on lense coating.

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Overview of Medical Ultrasonic Cleaners

Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleanliness of medical instruments is the prerequisite of sterilization, and choose the proper cleaning method is very important. Organics attached to the medical apparatus are difficult to be cleaned thoroughly, and gradually form a layer of biofilm by bacteria which will prevent sterilizing substance from penetration. On the other hand, some of organics may corrode the coating on surface of instruments.

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Price Factor in Buying Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaner Price

Many manufactures produce ultrasonic cleaning equipment in domestic, and the market price is uneven especially for some customized cleaners. Frequently, after comparing quotations from several suppliers, the customers find that there is a big difference in price. Regardless of false price, these differences are are mainly caused by different technology content and manufacturing process. For the cost of ultrasonic cleaners, as small as inconspicuous parts, or as big as overall structure and material quality, all aspects will have a great impact on the final price of the whole machine. So it's not hard to understand that the market price of similar cleaning machines always fluctuates in a wide range.

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Applications of Rod Transducers

Rod Transducers

The pressure of medium is changed alternately in the propagation process of rod transducer. In positive pressure region, the liquid medium bears extrusion force and forms increased density, conversely, in the negative pressure region, the lquid medium bears tear force and forms reduced density. The ultrasonic energy is distributed at 360° along the whole length of rod body. The output energy will not be affected by the change of the load such as the liquid level, temperature difference, etc. Compared to the traditional ultrasonic box, it has mor extensive range of applications and longer service life. Ultrasonic processing is a mature and widely-applied technology in cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, anti scale, water treatment and so on.

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How to Choose the Proper Cleaning Chemical

Cleaning Chemical

The extensive use of ultrasonic cleaner in industrial cleaning, is inseparable from cleaning chemical, ultrasonic physical effects are combined with chemical effects such as dissolution and softening, provide the best cleaning result. There are various demands for cleaning objects inclulding property of contamination, anti-corrosion and anti-rust requirements, balance of cleaning quality, cleaning efficiency and economic benefit. So we should choose the proper cleaning chemical in accordance with specific condition.

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Applications of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment applied in the process of industrial production belongs to the realm of industrial precision cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is widely used in many fields such as food, textile, paper, printing industry, petroleum processing industry, transportation, electric power, metal processing industry, machinery, automobile manufacturing, instrumentation & electronics, household appliances, medical, etc.

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Principle and Use of Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

What's ultrasonic wave: sound waves are divided into three types, infrasonic waves, sound waves, and ultrasonic waves. The frequencies of infrasonic waves are below 20hz, the frequencies of sound waves are in the range of 20hz~20khz, the frequencies of ultrasonic waves are above 20khz. Infrasonic waves and ultrasonic waves are inaudible to the human ear. Ultrasonic waves have many features like high frequency, short wavelength, good directivity and penetrability in propagation. That's why they are used for design and production of ultrasonic cleaning tank.

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What is The Ultrasonic Cavitation Effect

Ultrasonic Cavitation Effect

Ultrasonic cavitation effect is the dynamical processes in which cavitation bubbles in liquid are forced to grow and collapse due to a certain acoustic pressure, small vacuum bubbles in liquid collapse and cause many phenomenons such as high pressure, high temperature, electrical discharge, luminescence, shock wave, etc. The factors affecting the formation of vacuum void include ultrasonic energy, implosion shock, impact and friction of high-speed fluid, strong reactions, etc.

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The Best Frequency and Power for Ultrasonic Cleaning

frequency and power for ultrasonic cleaning

Along with the development of industry, the workpieces cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaning machines become more and more fine, and there are increasingly high requirements on cleanliness of the workpieces. Considering both cleaning effect and economy, It is critical to choose the right frequency and power for ultrasonic cleaning, generally we need to get data from practice.

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How to Choose an Ultrasonic Cleaner

Choose Ultrasonic Cleaner

When we choose an ultrasonic cleaner, first we should know which one is the best cleaning method for our workpieces. in the second, what cleaning effects should be achieve? In the third, we should know the quantity of products and the cleaning capacity of equipment. Fourth, know about cleaning process from similar industry enterprise or cleaning equipment manufacturers. Fifth, choose a number of professional manufacturers, and compare them in cleaning technique, price and after-sales service. Sixth, in deciding a contract, the specification and type of material, the consumables price, maintenance and warranty terms and conditions and other necessary particulars should be stipulated as clearly as possible. Seventh, for some large cleaning machines, you need to take the workpieces to the factory for site acceptance. Eighth, you should make sure that your employees have really learned to operate the cleaner, and not listen to installers to say, they have been trained.

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